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Are you serious???? I’ve been ready!!!!

Fourth of July was great. Spent it with old classmates from Ringling. Andy, Ian, Michael P, and Haley where you at? Art school was both terrible and amazing at the same time.
…and Paul, I’m so ready right now. I’m on like lap 2 of possibly 6 with this girl Megan I met at karaoke on St. Marks. I can not sing London Calling but for some wierd reason she was into it but whatever, I’m going to finish this race. If not I can prepare for foreign downtempo girl (Sizzle even said she was a ma!) because I’ve given up on the Queen. Fuck reggae… although I can’t front on Black Roses… shatterfest.
Pete was so on with the whole NYC summer girl thing. When I arrived at work this morning the lobby was filled with sweaty girls in tanktops. I don’t know if this is coming out right or wrong but the sight was SO right.
PS1 is this weekend, nothing but european disco, kahkis, white sneakers, POWDER BLUE PETER BROWN T-SHIRT, and fresh D and G shades. Pic update on Monday
Also, there are too many Kat puns around the office right now but the Telekinetic Kat is SO on the prowl right now.