i’m back from the motherland….
give me a moment to go through my photos and get you updated.
i hate my powerbook, i swear that thing causes ball cancer.
i’m giving mine away after i download those photos…
3 things I immediately realized when i got back to the city
1) nyc girls in the summertime are definitely the hottest on the planet. so much style, diversity, and blatant sexiness. you’ll see an impeccably artsy Parsons girl followed by the sexiest milf followed by hot business tang, all dressed fly as hell, all on the same block, repeating for several blocks.
2) blue ribbon on Sullivan is one of the greatest places on earth. I fly in late sunday night, head straight to BR, and get raw oysters (supremely fresh even on a sunday), stiff martinis, the best fried chicken (the skin tastes like bacon), and a top rate burger, matched with the finest service and a too-hip soundtrack (they were playing air, so ridiculous, but awesome when slurping slimy stuff) playing in the background, all at 1 AM in the morning. go past midnight on a weekday to avoid the wait.
3) koreans bow way too much. my neck hurts. I must have bowed over 200 times and that’s lowballing it. I totally believe in the respecting your elders, but Koreans take it to another level. two hands when pouring drinks, don’t look at an elder while taking a drink, speak in formal speak when addressing elders (there’s even several degrees of formalness), wait until elder has food in mouth before taking your first bite (no exaggeration), bow several times to elder when leaving, elder is always the first to leave… the list goes on. Man it feels good to be back.
on an unrelated tangent,
i thought that the french label rise has a pretty cool look going.
op-art is the new sloppy hand drawing…


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