cut chemist

So the cut chemist in-store last night was crazy. By far the most people
ever… by far the most liquor + beer ever… and by far the most crap for
us to clean up. LA people need to get on the lab mailing list for the next
one (Sound In Color dudes coming soon). We even had free t-shirts
being screened in the store this time.

Here’s a video Willow took with his shakey ass little camera, but you get a
really good idea of the AC-taxing atmosphere of all those people that were
up in here. Only one book damaged!
With all the companies involved in putting together a major label deal like
this, there were some funny mofos in here helping out or just taking up
space at the end of the night (no thanks to those two WB lames who
watched us drag trash for an hour then bogarted the rest of the t-shirts
for office crew who could care less). Shouts to the URB guys tho, the
Mickey’s people, Egon and ST people, and BBS crew tending bar.


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