yes, I am reporting from the motherland.
perfect timing to avoid the brown pipe episode, have fun with that stony.
anyway, it’s been a whirlwind of incessant bowing and stereotypical asian behavoir so far…
yes, koreans love beauty photos. there’s studios all over place.
someone made me do it.
yes, koreans love karoake, it’s no joke here. there’s practically one no-rae bang per block in the places where the young kids hang out. these people are getting (k)runk. I sang GNR “patience,” one of the best and easiest songs to master.
at the no-rae bang, met my good friend Jung who moved back to Seoul from NYC. using his elder status, he made me chug multiple pints culminating in chugging an entire pitcher to cap off the night. I blew fatty steak, garlic chunks, intestines, and stomach lining (not mine, that was my dinner). Despite his behavoir, Jung is flying to Rotterdam on Wednesday, he’s working on designing a building with Rem Koolhaus. What a weirdo.
the food is incredible here. I’ve had some of the best food I’ve ever had (awesome kalbi tang, a beef soup cooked for hours), plus some of the craziest food I’ve ever had (cow intestine grilled on charcoal right in front of me). i promise more pictures, but here’s a picture of some street food to keep you occupied…
the only non-stereotypical photo of the lot, I found this underground shopping mall that had about a dozen used record stores. didn’t really have time to dig, will go back later…
anyway, I’m really feeling this trip. While y’all eat burgers and watch tv, there’s some real different shit going on in the world. After watching a CNN special on Moombai (spelling?) in my hotel room, I might have to go there next.


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