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sorry for the lack of posts,
but the it appears the lab writers have hit the summer wall…
the wave humidity has finally hit the city for that unmistakable swampy urban jungle summer feeling.
this is what separates the men from the boys. mayonnaise escape to the hamptons,
while the rest of us have the best time hanging outside all night walking around the city.
to celebrate, come check some of the lab djs at tonic on thursday,
we’ll be getting smashed and wishing Arlyck farewell from his corner in the Lab.
top 5 things about summer in ny
1) the city is empty on the weekends: for once, you don’t feel like a rat. no lines, no hassles, less waiting.
2) turntables on the hudson on the frying pan every friday. this party takes place on a pier and docked old boat. Nickodemus and Mariano slay the euro-ladies and there’s always a breeze. they even have BBQ and an observation deck.
3) pick-up soccer at Pier 40 and Chinatown. the Pier is quickly becoming an urban soccer mecca.
4) beer tastes better. i swear. hoegaarden, pacifico, corona, pbr…
5) central park: so obvious, but cannot be denied. summerstage (seo jorge!), tripping in the meadow (haven’t done it in years), watching weird frisbee dudes in the meadow, exploring the back paths, exiting in unfamiliar neighborhoods (UES,UWS)….
sleeping on the couch, next to the AC tonite…