blood suckers

my life sucks right now. I get probably close to 100 solicitations a day for shit (and I’m not talking about customer service). buy this. do me a favor. check on this… I literally get 50 emails a day with some weak ass request. I’ve resorted to not picking up my phone (seriously). Don’t get me wrong, it’s an essential part of a business like ours (read: don’t stop bothering me) and a lot friends ask me for stuff (which I don’t mind), but at this point I could give a fuck. I just want to watch Korea fucking destroy old man Zindane and the Frenchies, watch every European team lose in the World Cup, eat freaking fresh cherries, smash large iced coffees, get tremendous bjs, and ride my bike.
Therefore, if you are going ask me for anything this summer:
– make sure it’s about something substantial
– if it’s about business don’t bother me unless it involves a minimum of 50% margins
– don’t call me, email me.
– don’t expect an immediate answer.
– don’t want to check no cloned-out t-shirt lines
– definitely don’t want to hear about your indy rap group
i’ll be back to normal in the fall,
just let me enjoy my summer.
it’s ironic, Pitts just walked in and asked me something as I was writing this,
but if you read this, I wasn’t aiming this at you, dog!
(ps. im not usually this salty, it’s been a rough week)


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