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So I’ve finally decided to give up Counter-Strike and mix cds and start talking to girls again.
I’m so for real right now it’s not even funny.
It’s been about a year since I last had a serious girlfriend and since then I’ve became really good at Counter-Strike and made about 15 mix cds. I make about two or three a month depending on what I’m feeling (the lab even carries about eight of them… seriously).
It’s hard getting back on that horse (incidentally this is not a joke/pun). I’m not a total loser I have gone out with a few girls since I’ve moved up here but I can’t get with that fake lower east side… well I’m not going to get into that.
I’m just getting a little bored with the nerdy record digging and cleaning monotony. Does it really matter how many copies of blah blah blah you have or promo Loud singles… no… well yeah… NO SERIOUSLY IT DOESN”T.
Holler at me with some advice, seriously, my brain is so full of Motown and NY disco knowledge (along with owning at CS and TTL inventory) right now everything else has disappeared… I don’t even know if there was anything in there in the first place though.
Seriously get at me with some advice, interesting submissions will get you some free stuff from the lab if it A: works or B: makes me laugh. But keep in mind these are the kind of girls I usually like so no R. Kelly guidance:
1. Must like Diana Ross and disco (or at lease 80’s R and B, I’m dead serious, I can’t get with anyone who can’t recognize!).
2. Must read books (No, Dostoyevsky, what??!?!?!??!?!?!s).
3. Must recycle (seriously, well sorta, must have an equal amount of love and hate for the environment and people for that matter).
4. Must have found both humor and seriousness in the film (or book see number 2.) “American Psycho” and or just liked the movie “Breaking the Waves (i.e. we need to be on the same emotional level, for real).”
drpitts @ gmail . com


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