Japanesse Lessons

About to jump on the plane back to La La Land. But before I go I thought I would share with you the 5 basic lessons I learned djing in Tokyo this weekend.
1. If they say your going to dj till 9am… your djing till 9am or your answering to the Yakuza.
2. This is not the time to play that Japanese song that you just know will kill it. I played a Larry Levan remix of some late 80’s Japanese house track and all of a sudden felt as though I had just played their equivolent to “Getting Jiggy Wit It.” (Yas just gave me that “you should have asked me first” look).
3. If a girl asks you if you like girls with big tits, don’t be the nice guy and say “no.” It means she has a girlfriend with big tits that wants the hook up (holler if you hear me!*).
(the fox on the far right is actually Yas’ first girl in 7 years)
4. $160 ain’t getting you very far with my boy Carlos out here.
5. My favorite Japanesse posse is officially “2 Much Crew.” They’re banned from almost every club in Tokyo cause they once pulled down the entire dj booth at some spot. Once they heard the words “Three-6-Mafia” come out the speakers it was over.
(this dude kept jumping over the front of the booth to fuck with the eq, He has the same haircut as Yas, so I never stopped him in time)
Bonus Lesson: You can play whatever you want and the crowd will go with it, but if one snare drum is off in a mix it’s a wrap!
Thank You Thank You to everyone who made this trip what it was, AWESOME!!! Especially Udon and Dai for the gigs, Oddjobs, Utero, Yuko and of course Roger.
*this is a No Limit refrence to keep in line with the latest blog style.


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