I’m sure the entire world has seen X-Men 3 by now. So horribly disappointing. It is some cripplingly bad shit. Good thing Bryan Singer and the dude who played Cyclops both left in the middle to do Superman. Superman is a gay anachronism for 2 skinny Jewish guys unconsciously playing up the German ideal of the Nazi concept of the pure-blooded perfect person. The X-Men are a significantly more relevant metaphor for awkward teenage-ness. Argh! Brett Ratner WTF?
The movie was basically a dick-slap to the face of America. Warren Worthington III AKA Angel? Way to function only as a weak transition between scenes and as a tenuous plot point. Dude was essentially a star-wipe between scenes.
Going to see another comic-based movie “Art School Confidential” tonight… will probably also suck if you believe Nathan Rabin and his croneys at the Onion A/V Club (which I almost always do). Nothing left to do I guess but buy and watch season 2 of Arrested Development.


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