adios rainey

king sizzy and chuck stickin it to the building management company.
shipset 013.jpg
so the shipping department has started taking an afternoon break. it’s only like 10 minutes and technically we’re still working since we’re unloaded our (your) packages on to the UPS truck, but man if that little exit from the cramped office doesn’t just make us more productive in the subsequent hours. i think it does. despite this amazing concept and the summer lag that we know is right around the corner, Rainey quit. Maybe he could see his future self, haggard and completely sick of records, and decided to exit while he still had some sense of direction.
shipset 024.jpg
Best of luck, you fashionista. We’ll always have the Rompe remix. So we had a few beers. To keep his edge for the lady, and much to delight of the Tums family, Sizzle was “counteracting” the effects of the Corona with large coffees. ????!!?? no lie. bonus points for guessing which dude is Pitts….
and nobody@nobody.com…fuck your couch.


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