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don’t know how it happened, but our unofficial steez for our stores has been no signage or banners. we gave in on the Los Angeles store and installed this awning today. I’m feeling a little ambiguous.



the day after the show,
frogman and I drove down to venice.
I’ve driven by this place several times in Santa Monica, and was always fascinated by the exterior. Rare Science Fiction? The opaque metallic window treatment is also very 60s sci-fi. Frogman stopped the car and I ventured inside for the first time. I was not disappointed at all, if anything this place exceeded my imagination. It was not some glorified comic store, but the real deal secret society type place filled with really rare books (many in the thousands of dollar range) cased in classy wood and glass shelves. There were lots of other crazy things in there, but I could not put my head around the scene. The lone person in there was an old Hasid, whom I presumed was Barry Levin, the owner of the shop (Hasids run everything!)
I managed to get the biz card, which provides more info on this mysterious place.
I love the description of the guest lounge:
“The guest lounge is behind the sales floor, a small comfortable room, with leather and oak furniture, a small refrigerator stocked with champagne, and two safes.”
also make sure to check out the catalog section (click on the cameras to get pictures of the books), and check out books like this $4000 one from Harlan Ellison.
also drove by Frank Gehry-designed Chiat/Day building. “Ok, I’m gonna put this huge pair of binoculars in front of your building… you are going to have to trust me on this.” The design has definitely stood the test of time (and the 80s). Still one of my favorites.
Had to go check out the drum circle on Venice Beach. This old dude was killing it in his red jumpsuit. The most interesting aspect of this drum circle was the number and diversity of people with instruments. There were over 50 players with everything from a full drum kit to small homemade trinkets.
There’s always gonna be one of these in a drum circle. The fugly, loose hippy chick who dances so hard but dances so bad.
Muscle Beach in Venice is the weirdest thing ever. Every dude thinks he’s Adonis, working out in front of a crowd who doesn’t even know why they are watching (me included). This dude was the worst. He was chatting it up with the crowd, then he would get in the middle and do these hulk-type yells while pulling curls. Dude is not even that big….
at this point, I realized that taking pictures of all these weirdos was pointless.