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Tears of a clown.

I was watching UFC 60 just now and, in between rounds, the camera was cutting to show the various celebrities in the audience. I think the guy from King of Queens was there and maybe Leonardo DiCaprio. Both smiled and waved politely, as celebrities do when the camera cuts to them when they’re just trying to watch sweaty guys kick each other in the face. Anyway, the camera cuts to David Spade, who looks okay, except that he’s clearly hanging out with the same dudes he went to high school with, and they’re most likely still sleeping off his couch and telling him he’s cool — Entourage style. Then, to the horror of all involved — even his high school buddies, I’m sure — he flashed the devil horns.
And if you listened close, you could almost hear the crowd gasping, then whispering softly: “Hey, David Spade — 1999 called. They want their metal sign back.”