Rap pictogram winner!

Congratulations to Tim R., the winner in Turntable Lab’s first ever Rap Pictogram contest.
Tim R. dropped much rap knowledge jewels and came with the correct answer:
I’m like a dog in heat
A freak without warning.
I’ve got an appetite for sex
Cause me so horny.

He did, unfortunately, fail to give us any information about himself, so all I have to work with is his email address, which will now be put on BLAST for all to holler at him with congratulatory remarks.

And now, in honor of Tuba Tim, here are the TOP 10 RAP SONGS FEATURING TUBAS!
1. Black Sheep “Have U.N.E. Pull”
2. Trick Daddy “Shut Up”
3. Uhhhh … shit. I guess that’s it.
Man, seeing that giant pile of steak in PH’s bloggue entry™ got me thinking… We don’t get down like that in Minnesota. I mean, I guess we COULD, but we just don’t. Our red meat of choice comes in the form of a Jucy Lucy. This legendary Minneapolis delicacy is constructed from two all-beef patties with a slice (glob?) of cheddar cheese in between. The edges of the patties are pressed shut, sealing in the molten cheese until it oozes free upon your first bite, often scalding your entire mouth.

Preparing the burger.

The cheese bursts forth into the world.
If you’re in Minneapolis, the best place (if you’re a purist, the only place) to get one is Matt’s Bar at 35th and Cedar Ave. The last time I ate one, I got ridiculously sick. I was DJing in some store at the Mall of America (that’s another blog) afterwards, and had to do the whole gig sitting down. The guys who ran the shop thought I was drunk and I ended up puking in the Mall of America bathroom. Like a week before Christmas. It felt very patriotic.


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