looking through old pics for embarrassing frogman moments,
i came upon this flick from one of our lab mgmnt power dinners…
this is the infamous Peter Luger Porterhouse,
vegetarians kneel in its overwhelming power!!!
(it brokedown the previously veggie frogman).
served in a sizzling platter, soaked in butter,
this basically takes 2 days off your lifespan.
tip: for those who don’t want to mess with Luger’s reservation sched
go here, same food, more laid back atmosphere.
ordering tips:
1) order the porterhouse for multiple people and share. this is the signature dish, and sharing a steak is a great feeling. can’t beat the presentation either. don’t touch the plate, that shit is hot!
2) when figuring out how you want your steak cooked, add one to your preference. so if you want medium-rare, order medium.
3) definitely try the bacon appetizer. this is the best bacon you will ever have.
4) best side dishes: hash browns + creamed spinach.
5) tip heavily (at least 20%). in this place, it is ok to flex your manliness.
6) most importantly, make sure you take a dump before you go. Both myself and Boy Genius have been bitten by the turtle head after eating here.


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