stick it

in retrospect, this was obviously bad decision,
but i went to see Stick It this weekend (after tangfield told me to see it).
after all, Bring It On is in my top 10 movies of all time,
and the same director did this…
it get’s a 5/10 from me, totally mediocre to bad.
bad jokes, a butchy main character,
low tang factor, terrible storyline,
and what’s up with the busted asian chick
with the exotic name? and have you noticed that the new
asian stereotype on tv and in the movies is the chigger?
it gets the gasface.
wait for TNT to air it…
5 movies I hope to catch on cable this summer:
1) starship troopers
2) stand by me
3) pretty in pink
4) total recall
5) varsity blues


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