In the interest of preserving Lab unity, instead of tearing each other down the customer service department would like to use the blog for what it was truly intended – telling bad customers off.
1) to “Prince Adu Kraw”, “Ebenezer Asambo”, “Samaj Mapinduzi”, “Calendre Lindsay” and all other credit card thieves trying to have their bogus orders sent to Ghana, get a clue and don’t try to order the same iPod video every time.
2) to all customers who place their orders while driving in their cars – come on. you can’t wait until you get home or get to work to call about your 7″ sleeves and your Project Pat record? calling customer service while driving is annoying for us and dangerous for you – please, please, please just wait until you can get to a computer so you can give us your item numbers (preferrably with all of your limbs intact).
3) to the dude who called about his order from his cell phone while taking a piss in a public bathroom – one thing at a time please, guy. gross.
but…the truth is, despite our bitching we love you all. keep making our lives more interesting.


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