..in little china

Well, you travel thousands of miles away from NYC, just to bump into–NYC people!!
Spotted at Club Pegasus in Shanghai, L to R:
Mike Mo, Michna, Daddy Dog, and friends. About an hour later the police came into the club (wearing helmets with tinted visors) and shut ’em down. People started to make “WOOP WOOP!” sounds. I tried to take a picture and TROUBLE. I got surrounded by cops, security, bar managers, and rubberneckers. All yelling at me in Chinese. The cops were trying to take my camera, and scroll thru the pictures of the night, so I scrolled showing them there were no pics of the helmetted men. I was the royal assneck foreigner. Close call. (By the way it is not uncommon to see people on the street with amputated limbs)
to celebrate, i ate these.
and these tasty roaches of the sea.
flyer for our final party tonight at Red Room.
139 RuiJin Lu & ChangLe Lu. Open Bar.


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