out here

Here in Shanghai there is a new place called Lab. It was established this year by DJ V-Nutz. It’s like hanging out at a skatepark but for DJ’s. So heads come meet, hang, mix, juggle, use the WiFi (pronounced “Wifey”) and talk mad ish about music. And usually there are foreigners so its a worldly nerd out. Did you know there are no record stores in mainland China? Not one. Just stores that sell CD’s and of course…DVD!DVD!!DVD!!! it’s out of control here. I got Lost Season 3. Canal Street got nuthin’. Anyways, the Lab is a dope place, mad decks, couches, roof access for BBQ, walls to paint, upstairs video den, and free. Also totally independent. Tonight I am DJing at Pegasus, 98 Huai Hai Zhong Road…See you there!


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