Am I Crazy?

I hate to set off my blog-life on some hater shit… but you guys are killing me with this Gnarles Barkley shit. While I’d love more than anything to see Big Gipp & Just Blaze put the smack down on these two, I have to admit, “Crazy” is a cool enough song. My problem is that the last 5 out of 6 times I’ve DJ’d the DJ before me has ended their set with this little gem, resulting in a dance floor that clears faster than Diddy’s face on Proactiv. I’m not just talking about soft ass L.A. DJ’s either, some of NY’s finest are falling for it too. What’s up? Can’t we get a Josh Patrick remix with some real drums or something?
If you can flip this in your set and keep things moving, your the man. But don’t drop it on some “now I’m gonna let the world know what i’m really feeling” and than bounce shit.
P.S. The theme photo shoots aren’t helping.
P.P.S. Look out for Flames Worthy (Blu Jemz + Witch Doctor) debut full length coming in the ’09 on (where’s my) Money Studies Records.


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