top 5 redux

number 5 is alive!
sitting in bed yesterday, I thought it would be cool
to go back to the old Lab site and start re-posting top 5’s on the blog.
this one is from July 2003.
1) the nature hookup
dj nature sent us a box of incredible records from Puerto Rico. for free!
2) rhode island getaway
i think this was when the mgmnt went to rhode island, ate chowdah, played cards, etc.
3) stress drops the bomb
okay, this one was a bit cryptic, but since it’s almost 3 years removed, we can tell you the details. dj stress had to go #2 quite badly, but made the wrong decision to go the Starbuck bathroom. trapped in line behind moms with their kids, and other caffeine-induced bomb droppers, stress created a brown baby right there in line. true story!
4) grimaldi’s, best pizza in bk
this place is 5 minutes from the office. jasper rescinded his endorsement in a later top 5, giving the award to difara’s.
5) drunk dirk
a friend of a friend ran into dirk and nash at a bar. hammered.


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