I am the CHAMPION!

Yes that’s right you worms! Crawl at my feet! Ping-Pong champion number one ovah heah! I’m the fucking King of New Jersey! Yes, yes the rumors are true… after not winning any video game since Megaman 2, I somehow won the Ping Pong Rockstar Games/Turntable Lab championship. Mostly by playing dirty! My strategy for the whole thing was 2-fold:

1. Beat everyone in my division so I could face off against Pete, with whom I’ve been email trash-talking lately (it was round-robin style, plus Pete’s last blog entry about Cut Copy was just embarassing. It was like that Rolling Stone 2 months ago where they’re all “TV On The Radio is a great new band no one knows about!” Good thing you have hip interns, Rolling Stone! I think NPR even beat you guys on that one!)

2. Use my man Liu Ping (Previously referred to as “The Avatar of China’s Perfect Overarching Rage”) and be like the Chinese economy — UNSTOPPABLE!

I am the best. Then afterwards, Lab employees went to Nublu and got punk’d by Nuyorican Soul Poets Cafe rejects. I get it, everyone there, you like Nina Simone!


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