…ascended the throne and established peace throught the land

Holy crap yeah, that was a good time. For those of you who might’ve been thinking about it, don’t even. Woody + The Avatar of China’s Perfect Overarching Rage + SNAP: The Power (and Oran “juice” Jones, Ect.) = UNSTOPPABLE. Don’t mess around or you will be…..seeerrrvedd????? (ahhh…hahaha….)
And for those of you who weren’t satisfied with freaky Nepalese baby, go ahead and do a google image search for “harlequin fetus.”
(P.S.- Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis, out 5.22.06, $39.99. The play is fuckin vehement, and it looks mean like something you haven’t seen–unless you PC Game, but this moves better, and it’s fun, like a cheetah-with-a-keytar. Apt of Rockstar to hone in on and showcase the capabilities of the next gen consoles here, before looking to something more massive (Midnight Club, Warriors, GTA, ect). And all that. I could say Table Tennis is polished, but really it gleams–yes give me beer and I will apply my vast and unbounded use of the online thesaurus in your favor. Anywise, admirable for what it is. I game so I know–natch.)
(Ok I’ve said my peace, and I’m signing off before I try to make a joke about someone getting Ping-P0WNNED!!!!1!!11!!@!!!)
-Tha Prodigy


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