i don’t where the hell i was going with this image, but watching Arsenal play last night has to degree, restored my faith in art and style. watching them work their one touch magic and incredible ball distribution had me yelling out even in non-attacking midfield play. Henry was again untouchable, making that same move on the end-line several times untouched. Is there anyone quicker? Moving away from my style theme, the player of the game had to be Gilberto. That guy completely disrupted Riquelme’s game (although his free kicks were pretty incredible) with bullying and fierce challenges. Hleb is quickly becoming one of my favorite Gunners, he’s unveiling more and more moves as the season goes on. He’s like the equivalent to White Chocolate, but he rarely turns gives the ball away. Villareal is a great team though, an underdog that I would normally be rooting for if Arsenal wasn’t still in it. BTW, was it me or was the ref totally biased against Villa? Make sure to check the second leg next week on ESPN. Night games rule.
If Barca and Arsenal advance, it might be the most creative final in history.


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