Check out the newest Bay crack and listen to this new “VANS” song. That’s right, I said, “VANS SONG.” Shit is crazy. If you told me in my skate days, while I was patching up my ollie holes in my hi-tops Vans with shoe-gloo, that in 2006, gangstas would be sportin the same shits, calling them crispy and clean, I’d call you a liar and prolly spit in your slurpee. Word is, no matter how ridiculous this sounds, its true, and its catchin’ on like fiyah, and everybody who used to sport Vans is loving the due respect that these simple foot gear deserve. Cali contacts even report massive airplay on 106 KMEL, and the myspace page even has kids thizzin’ and repping slip-ons.


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