Seriously though.

I know I’ve said it a couple times, but The Shield is the best shit on TV. I was talking about it with my friend last night, and he made a good point: it’s like they fixed what wasn’t even broken. Watching the last few seasons, you would never have thought that there was anything missing or wrong with the show — it was just The Shield being The Shield, and that was enough. Now, with hindsight, a whole season of Meryl Streep seems like a waste, and I wish they’d brought Whitaker in sooner. Every subplot this season — from stumbly ole Claudette down to the incompetent, snack-machine obsessed captain — seems like it has its place, and that definitely wasn’t true in the past. (Sidenote: remember when Dutch strangled the cat??) I mean, jeez… there’s less action now than there ever has been, and it’s somehow more exciting. It’s just the ridonkulous levels of intensity that Chiklis and Whitaker bring to every scene. Well, that and the pictures of the rookie in her underwear.


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