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I really like the new wave of electro producers stirring things up overseas: Justice, Joakim, Simian Mobile Disco, Digitalism, Zongamin, anything on Kitsune, etc. We got in this new single from Revl9n yesterday featuring a pretty hot remix by Simian Mobile Disco. A little investigation finds a interesting website design, love the noir feel and those shadow effects.



did anyone happen to see Sixers vs. Zards a couple nights ago?
Iverson did a double crossover on Daniels and made him fall down TWICE.
he made Daniels look like he was b-boying.
don’t you love youtube? it’s the next best thing to TIVO.
you can re-live historic moments like this. I still can’t believe the Knicks picked that French dude instead of Artest.
also while on the sports subject, I gotta give some credit to Spike TV’s Joes vs Pros show. About 75% of the show is garbage, but seeing regular dudes trying to cover Jerry Rice in one-on-one passing drills was pretty incredible (out of 9 attempts no one even came close except for one attempt where the ball was poorly thrown). Also the get a rebound from Rodman segment was pretty cool (again, no one even came close until a ball went flying off the iron). Supposedly they’re gonna have new (retired) atheletes each week. I want to see if Mitch Richmond can still cross people over.