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Soulman Tapes

These have probably been posted a bunch of times, but listening to the new Phil Most record last night had me over at the old world of beats / Soul Man blog to see what he’s up to. Nothing new but we can forgive him when he’s flossing closet treasures like this.


Michna plug

Michna Bus.jpg

Quoth the Michna:
Michna was recently in Budapest and missed his train back to Vienna. Good
thing the MICHNA BUS came thru. That’s his dad’s cousin in the middle, Otto
Michna. He runs an off road Rally team in Hungary. Anyways, if you wanna see
Michna spin records in the flesh, he’ll be at Happy Ending tonight.

Feb 24th
Egg Foo @ Happy Ending
302 Broome St.
New York City
21+ No Cover.


iGame over.

Ladies of New York City,
If you’re on the train with your white earbuds, and you think that I’m looking at you a little too closely, I swear I’m not being all Shady Dude — I’m just trying to figure out if you’re using the new iBuzz. Destined to revive trance music and make dudes completely obsolete in one fell swoop, the iBuzz is an insane vibrator/cock ring doohickey that plugs into headphone jack of your music playing device, and then tucks away neatly and compactly, so nobody has to know that you’re totally getting off to C+C Music Factory. It’s only a matter of time until they roll out the version that’s compatible with your 60GB video.