They don’t know about…

The whole Production Squad (myself + sometimes-reviewers Snackmaster Jay & the Commish) got pretty geeked when we saw the “COMING SOON” signs for Ferrigno’s Meats, just 2 blocks away from the Brooklyn HQ. (Even if, in our hearts, we knew it wasn’t him…) But, honestly, once we tasted their chicken parm sandwiches, it didn’t even matter to us that they hadn’t been made by a big, angry green guy (or grey guy if you get down like that). Roast beef sandwiches that they cut up right in front of you? To quote the Genevan Heathen, no fucking joking around. It’s a wrap. Head down to Jay St. and follow the dead-eyed worker drones to the one place that makes our their 9-5’s worthwhile.


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